World’s Top 5 best fitness rules: Health awareness club


World’s Top 5 best fitness rules

World’s Top 5 best fitness rules: Our vision is clear. What about yours?? Still in a mood to follow some fitness rules. Then why not from today. Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. It improve health and reduces the risk of several diseases. So we are here to take care of you. Today we published our first researched article on fitness. I am sure this article will clear your lot of confusion. Have a look:

Rule 1: Water (Keep hydrated)

You are supposed by your body to keep yourself hydrated. Everyone aware of its advantages. After all it is a building block of life. Researched proved that water enhances your metabolism, removes toxins from body, prevent clot formation and many more. It is more important to keep energy level up.

Water and workout: Are you doing exercise without having enough water? Here I would like to make you aware that ignoring water leads to cramp during workout. Because water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints.  So, make sure that you are drinking enough water before and after workout.

How much water in a day? Researched says that Normal person should drink at least 2 liters of water every day. It varies from person to person, depend upon body condition. Normally water intake increases according to the weight of body. Apart from its benefits, drinking too much water is also not good. Proper intake in necessary.

World’s Top 5 best fitness rules

Rule 2: Pre and post workout foods: Exercise in an empty stomach can result in the breakdown of muscle tissue. It can also result in low blood sugar level. That’s why it is required to have knowledge about pre and post workout meal. What to eat before workout? Carbs is main source of energy for muscles during exercise. So, it is advisable to have protein and carbs together, before workout. Low fat protein and carbs include cereal, yogurt, almond, raisins, smoothie made with fruit, and peanut butter with whole-grain toast. After workout, you can have protein and carbohydrate food to recover glycogen stores (researcher said).

Rule 3:  Do Aerobic exercise: It is also known as cardio. Cardio is a form of physical activity that burns calories and is good for heart. It includes high (swimming, bicycling) and low intensity exercises (aerobic class).

Rule 4: Have a healthy and balance diet: It is very necessary to have a balance diet to keep your body fit. Excess of anything is not good for your health. Example1:  Like, Grape and orange have a greater beneficial effects. But on the other side, over eating may cause sugar spikes in your blood/ or increase risk of diabetes. These Fruits contains a lot of sugars. So if you are going to eat a lot of fruits you should choose the ones with lot of fiber and a little less water. These fruits tend to contain less sugar. Example 2: Spinach is very popular and healthy vegetable. You may have read its amazing benefits. Yes of course no doubt that it is loaded with tons of nutrients. But it has disadvantages too if you eat excess spinach. Kidney stones are one of them.

So be careful with your diet. Do not have anything in excess. Staple all together (fruits, veggies, beans) in a balance way. Do not rely on one food. Eat healthy and properly. I recommend you to consult a nutritionist for better guide.

Rule 5: Posture: Train your body to stand, sit, and lie in proper position.  Try to educate yourself about good postures. I love sleeping. But it is not favorite thing to those people who feel uncomfortable during sleeping. Trainers says that stomach sleeping is not good idea. Consult doctor for better idea about how to treat your body in a good way.

World’s Top 5 best fitness rules: awareness

At last, Household chores are also good for your body fitness. Along with this, walking, swimming and cycling boost your health conditions. So, follow above these top 5 fitness rules to make your body perfect. This article is only for educational purpose. Consult a good doctor/ nutritionist/gym instructor for exact idea.

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