Top 5 best methods to lose weight


Top 5 best methods to lose weight

Top 5 best methods to lose weight
Top 5 best methods to lose weight

Top 5 best methods to lose weight: Today we have published top 5 best methods to lose weight. Before you proceed to any home remedies or methods check out your body mass index. It is required if you are worried about your health condition and fatty body as well.  Read why you need to check your BMI.

Body Mass index:

BMI Tells optimum weight according to height and age. It is a method to calculate ideal weight of body according to your age and height. You need to enter your standard height and weight in BMI calculator. Your BMI will be appeared after pressing compute button. For example if the BMI of adult person is below 18.5 then he/she is underweight. Low mass index can decrease your immune system and may lead to malnutrition. Therefore it is required to check your optimum BMI before opting any home remedies.  Read below top 5 best methods to lose weight.

Top 5 best methods to lose weight:

Antioxidants:  green tea is a very effective antioxidants to control weight gain. It burns rigid fats of human body, especially abdominal fat. Drink it without sugar regularly to experience its real benefits. Also foods that are enriched in antioxidants may help you slim your body.

Tartaric Acid: Research says that Cabbage contains tartaric acid. The main function of tartaric acid is that it prevents the conversion of carbs and sugar into fat. You can have it in the form of salad.

Yoga/Exercise: Yoga/Exercise is an excellent practice to lose weight. It makes your body more flexible than before. Practicing yoga not only reduces body fat, but also cures other diseases such as migraine, osteoporosis, body ache, shoulder pain and any more. Yoga trainers assists different poses to reduce body fat. You can do it at your home with or without assistance. For this, you need to follow some basic rules of yoga to avoid injury.

Avoid sugary drink and fruit juice: Do you know that liver converts excess sugar into fat?  Actually it happens inside your body. So you are supposed to avoid sugar drink or juice.  On the contrary fruits juice have several benefits also, read here.

Papaya: Papaya is low in calories and high in fiber. Have it early in the morning – in empty stomach for quick weight loss. It also helps cure constipation.

Top 5 best methods to lose weight

Keep in mind that rapid weight loss plan may affect your body. Therefore proper diet plan is requires to lose weight- without affecting your body. You can write your opinion in comment box. Please do not forget to like and share if you appreciate our work.


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