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Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs:

Pregnancy Symptoms: Congratulation! The decision to have a child is exiting one. Dear lady! It is difficult for the doctors to examine the exact time when sperm meets the egg. So the last menstrual period considered as the start of your pregnancy. The woman undergo many noticeable changes during Pregnancy. They experiences number of psychological symptoms. However, these symptoms do not significantly interfere with daily activities. Symptoms are missed menstrual period, darkening of nipples, vomiting tendency etc. Keep in mind that not every woman experiences symptoms in her first month of pregnancy. Tiredness, Back pain, Constipation, Frequent urination, Urine color, Hemorrhoids, nausea, breast tenderness are the other common symptoms of pregnancy. Let’s discuss about it in detail.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs:

Menstrual Period: Your Missed period is the first clue of woman to get pregnant. It may be true and it may not be true. So if you have missed period, then go to doctor and confirm it. No worry everything is fine. It’s an award god has gifted you.

Frequent Urination: Frequent Urination is counted as the early symptom of pregnancy in mother. However it is tend to settle down in the second trimester.  It is caused by an increase in progesterone hormone. Hormonal changes cause blood to form and flow more quickly through kidney. This may be lead to frequent urination. Frequent urination can also be influence by extra pressure on the mother’s bladder as a result of growing uterus.  Overactive bladder in an estimated 33 million women that can cause /lead to frequent urination, research said.

Vomiting tendency: It is a common and an uncomfortable symptom of pregnant woman. It can lead to weight loss, rapid heartbeat and low blood pressure. The cause of vomiting during pregnancy is still unknown. May be due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. It could be one of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Note: If you suffer severe nausea and vomiting. Then, I must say you to consult a doctor immediately.

Breast Tenderness: During this time, you may feel tenderness in your breast. You may also feel fuller and heavier. This symptoms usually arises due to increase in the level of your hormones, after two weeks of pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids: If you suffer this condition during pregnancy, then i must recommend you to drink plenty of water. Actually, due to pressure during pregnancy, the veins around your anus supposed to stretch. This cause swell around your anus named Hemorrhoids or piles.

Conclusion: Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

The article published on is only for educational and frequent advice purpose. For proper advice, consult a doctor. Do not forget to give your feedback in comment below.

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