Pregnancy information: Health Consultant


Pregnancy information: Health Consultant

What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time during which offspring develops inside a woman. More than one offspring in womb of woman is called multiple pregnancy. It is the result of sexual intercourse or assisted reproductive technology. The birth of child occurs around 40 weeks from the pregnancy date. During this period offspring develop inside their mother’s womb. Only a mother can share the exact feeling.

It is divided into 3 trimester.

1st Trimester (week1 to 12): First trimester involves conception. During this period, sperm fertilizes the egg. After this, the fertilized egg travels down the Fallopian tube. It sticks to the inside of uterus. In uterus, fertilize egg begins to form the fetus and placenta. Hence, It is require to take special care of mom’s  during this trimester.

2ndTrimester (week 13 to 28): The second trimester is roughly 4 to 6 month of pregnancy. This is the period of fatal development inside mother’s womb. The movement of fetus may be perceive in the middle of trimester. It is the time when you will drive to feel the first movement of your baby. A woman’s body changes during this period. A pregnant woman will gain more energy in this trimester as compare to first trimester. By the end of 2nd trimester, the length of baby is about 6 inches and weighs about 4 ounces.

3rd Trimester (week 29 to 40): The third trimester starts in week 28 and last may be around week 40 of the pregnancy. The third trimester is roughly 7 to 9 month of pregnancy. During this period, Mother experiences an irregular tightening in her abdomen. Finally at the end of trimester, contraction and birth of child perceives.

Pregnancy information: Health Consultant

Dear moms: 

Giving birth is a most profound initiation which is not awarded to males. It’s a woman gifted innovatory experience of a life time. Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. And the moment a child born, the mother is also born. I request every mom to share your experience of motherhood in comment box. Have a happy delivery.


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