What is harlequin ichthyosis: Things to know Harlequin ichthyosis: It is a severe and rarest genetic disorders which specially affects the skin. Extremely rare infants born with this severe disorder. You must not have heard of it.  It is a very painful genetic disorder. Recently a child born in Bihar, India with harlequin ichthyosis syndrome. Recent story […]

Endoscopy non-surgical procedure: Not painful Endoscopy non-surgical procedure: Not painful: I am very much scared of endoscopy. It hurts me thinking that a flexible telescope being pushed down my throat. Is it painful? Will I put to sleep? I know, these questions are rolling in your mind. Dear friends, these negative thoughts run through your head, became […]

Most Popular Skin tan home remedies: Top 3 Popular Skin tan home remedies: The sun these days is too harsh. Everyday exposer of the sun causes your skin to tan very quickly.  While researching, I thought why not to share some new points to prove it. Probably you will directly jump on home remedies para.  But I […]

Constipation: Treat yourself and feel relax Dear friends! Constipation is something you feel shy to share it with your friends or relatives. It’s weird to tell someone that your stool is hard and need lot of pressure to pass it out.  It spoils your whole day, thinking and feeling unhealthy. Here I am sharing – very simple […]

Clot Buster: The revolutionary technique to treat Brain stroke Clot Buster: Dear friends! The main motto of our website is to spread health awareness. We are not a medical institution. For any medical assistance, please visit doctor immediately. I request you to share this article in all over the world. Now the lets come on the topic. […]

In Vitro fertilization (IVF): Infertility Treatment Method How to overcome female/male infertility? In vitro fertilization (IVF): Infertility Treatment Method: In Vitro fertilization or IVF is the procedure of observing and stimulating ovulatory process of women. This procedure helps women to become pregnant. It is the most common and effective type of assisted reproductive technology. And due to […]

Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs: Pregnancy Symptoms: Congratulation! The decision to have a child is exiting one. Dear lady! It is difficult for the doctors to examine the exact time when sperm meets the egg. So the last menstrual period considered as the start of your pregnancy. The woman undergo many noticeable changes during Pregnancy. They experiences number […]

Pregnancy information: Health Consultant What is pregnancy? Pregnancy is the time during which offspring develops inside a woman. More than one offspring in womb of woman is called multiple pregnancy. It is the result of sexual intercourse or assisted reproductive technology. The birth of child occurs around 40 weeks from the pregnancy date. During this period offspring […]

Orange Juice: Advantages and disadvantages: Health Consultant Drinking orange juice is good for health. It’s a popular morning Beverage. It is refreshing and has nutritional values. However its overdose may affect you. Read this article to learn its advantages and disadvantages as well. Health benefits of Orange Juice: Orange is a source of vitamin c. Vitamin c […]

Blood clot types and treatment methods: Blood clots are sometime life threatening condition, need special attention. It is semi solid masses of blood flows through veins and arteries. Some blood clots are normal. Blood clots due to injury is normal as it helps stop bleeding. When blood clot forms inside veins or arteries, are complicated. It won’t […]

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