How to overcome fear of Pregnancy


Overcome fear of Pregnancy

We understand that the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy is the labor pain.  It is unexplainable that how badly mother’s body wants to expel baby. But it is not as bad as you always thought. Everyone experiences can be so different.  But the goal is always same though. So think positive, rest god and doctor will handle.

How to overcome fear of Pregnancy?

Positive thinking:

Just think that your planning baby is the most important thing you will ever do with your life. Your positive thinking will definitely help you. And the Whole thing will definitely turned out to be a wonderful experience.  You need to feel joy of having baby while giving birth. It is natural my dear ladies.

How to avoid Pregnancy Complications?

Avoid Depression: Sleeping too little or too much, thinking too much, sadness, change in appetite, anxiety, thought of death and hopelessness are the symptoms of Depression during pregnancy. It is common but persistence symptoms of depression can put pregnant women at risk. The best solution to avoid this is to talk to your doctor/helper. Share your negative thoughts. He or she will definitely help you manage thoughts and emotions. There are several therapies that helps pregnant women. Some popular therapies are Psychotherapy, Acupuncture & light therapy. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Maintain hygiene: Doctors says that during pregnancy hormonal changes can cause white and odorless vaginal discharge.  It is normal but excess discharge can cause vaginal infection. So it is necessary to maintain good hygiene. Always wear a loose cotton undergarment and change it twice in a day. Meanwhile keep you vagina clean and dry.  One more thing is that wipe your front to back when to go to the bathroom. This will keep anus bacteria away from vagina.

Tooth care: A Pregnant Women can suffer from dental problem due to increased hormones level in body. It is very important to give special focus on your tooth during pregnancy. Brush regularly and maintain dental hygiene. Consult your doctor you are having swelling or any gum disease. Read how to avoid pyria.

Overcome fear of Pregnancy

Hope this article will help you to overcome fear of pregnancy and also how to cope with the complications during pregnancy. Do not forget to share your experiences with us.

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