Masturbation: Read its Side Effects & Myths


Masturbation: Read its Side Effects & Myths

Masturbation or touching your private part of body is not shameful. It is a normal behavior in an adolescence. It is a form of sexual pleasure. But point is that masturbating too much is healthy or not? Masturbating too often doesn’t damage your health but excess of it is not good for your health. No doubt that it brings so much of relief.

Masturbation: Read its Side Effects & Myths

Masturbating Side effect:

Studies shows that masturbating doesn’t lead to pregnancy, heart break and sexual transmissible disease. But unexpected position during masturbation leads to abdominal pain, urinary symptoms or other neurological (Nervous system) problems.

Masturbating Myth:

Masturbate doesn’t lead to pregnancy, heart break, blindness and sexual transmissible disease. Must remember that it is not a shameful activity. It helps you to communicate your partner in more easy way, leads to more enjoyable sexual relationship. So stop embarrassing yourself because you are not only one who masturbates.

Masturbation: Read its Side Effects & Myths

Health Benefits of masturbating:

Normal masturbation is actually healthy. Health benefits are described below: It relaxes your muscles and reduces stress. Along with this it boosts your mode or self-esteem. According to research it has capability to prevent conditions such as cancer, diabetes and cystitis. Keep these benefits in mind next time and must share with your friends who are in doubt.


Conclusion:  Read its Side Effects & Myths

Dear friends! Discussing about the sexual health has been of the biggest challenges. It makes you uncomfortable.  But is very important for parents to understand that masturbation is a normal activity by young children.  Hope you guys like this article. If you like this article please feel free to share with your friends. Do not forget to give your opinion in comment box. Stay Healthy.


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