Eating biscuits every day is healthy or not: Health Consultant


Eating biscuits every day is healthy or not: Health Consultant


Taste of biscuits is really awesome. It is pretty common as a breakfast staple. Uncontrollable eating of biscuits is in passion. It is little crumbly on the top but light fluffy and buttery on the bottom. You might have prepared it in a home couple of time. It looks very delicious and delightful. But who cares if you are hurt? Obviously few people like us. Humanity still exist.  So guys! Read whole article to know the side effect of eating too much.

Wheat flour (Maida):

Biscuit contains Wheat flour. Wheat flour has various side effect because it is not real. Actually it is processed wheat. You can call it Maida, is refined wheat flour. Of course it delivers good taste and texture as well. But additionally, Wheat flour in biscuits can affect your body. Reason is that during processing its brown cover is removed. Brown cover holds necessary vitamins and fibers. Brown cover of wheat is associated with the weight loss and digestion process. So Maida is not healthy enough as it can block digestion process and stimulate weight gain. Enjoying biscuit in moderation is not worthless for you, but if you eat this everyday then you would experience different health problems.

Hydrogenated oil: Eating biscuits every day is healthy or not: Health Consultant

Hydrogenated oil in biscuit has extremely negative effects on human body. Tran-fatty acid present in hydrogenated oil increases the LDL Cholesterol which is bad cholesterol. Additionally it minimizes the good cholesterol. Hence resulting in building of plaque in the artery wall, pointing to heart attacks in future. Apart from this, Consumption of Trans-fatty acid also has been associated to diabetes and breast cancer in women. Research says that it increases the chances of type 2 diabetes in women. Well, it is not good to be used for a long time.

Sugar: Most of the biscuits possess moderate to high amount of sugar. So be careful while choosing appropriate biscuit that is low in sugar.


Conclusion:Eating biscuits every day is healthy or not: Health Consultant

Even I’m fond of biscuits. But its side-effects forced me to limit its consumption. I am sure, after reading this article you are planning to limit it. Check the package before you buy biscuits. Write your views in comment box and keep smiling forever.

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