5 Dangerous side effects of birth control pills: Contraceptive pills


5 Dangerous side effects of birth control pills

Dangerous side effects of birth control pills
side effects of birth control pills

Dangerous side effects of birth control pills: birth control pills or Contraceptive pills is  taken by women to avoid pregnancy. Apart from its benefit, it can have nasty side effects. It is disappointing that a lot of females are using it quite routinely.   So it should only be used in an emergency. Now a days so many contraceptive options available in market but, I don’t think that women should just have access to these pills. It should be taken with medical consultation. Read why?

5 Dangerous side effects of birth control pills:

 1. Blood clot or deep vein thrombosis: Contraceptive contain estrogen and synthetic progesterone. These hormones are given in the form of pill to avoid pregnancy. It causes thickening of blood and increases the risk of blood clots in women. Better consult a doctor if you are using birth control pill on regular basis

2. Cancer of liver, breast and cervix: Higher dose of birth control pills is also linked to breast cancer in women. Higher dose means higher risk of breast cancer. Check news to see practical examples.

3. Changes in menstrual period: Contraceptive pills affects your period for few months. It can cause continues bleeding between periods or lead to irregular period in most of the cases. So be careful while using regular pills.

4. Abortion: Studies says that birth control pills could cause abortion. Doctors say that Pills changes the lining of women’s uterus by interfering the implantation. It also makes women’s body toxic to new life.

5. Gall bladder problems or gallstones: Last but not least, taking high doses of pills also causes gallbladder disease. Progesterone in pill obstructs bile flow and promotes formation of gallbladder stones.

5 Dangerous side effects of birth control or Contraceptive pills

Conclusion: Awareness required: Share it

Dear ladies! It is better to be careful during sex with partner. So you would not need to use the birth control pills. You have to take responsibility for sex, not just thinking well there is a pill for that.  Do not include birth control pills in your daily routine to avoid pregnancy. It has dangerous side effects. Please share it to spread awareness about its side effects.

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