Constipation: Treat yourself and feel relax


Constipation: Treat yourself and feel relax

Dear friends! Constipation is something you feel shy to share it with your friends or relatives. It’s weird to tell someone that your stool is hard and need lot of pressure to pass it out.  It spoils your whole day, thinking and feeling unhealthy. Here I am sharing – very simple steps to treat constipation. You can use these methods to cure constipation very easily.   Trust me you will be relaxed after following these methods. Have a look.

Steps to cure constipation:

  1. Drink 2 glass of water early in the morning. The time you leave your bed, you need to drink 2 glass of water.
  2. Walk for 5-10 minute and drink a glass of warm milk, mixed with turmeric. How to prepare it? Boil a glass of milk in pan and mix half teaspoon turmeric in it. Leave it aside for 10 minute to lower its temperature, and have it after some time. Milk with turmeric promotes bowel movement and good to cure constipation. If you are feeling shooing pain near anus, then apply mustard oil around it before sleeping. And in morning drink water and then warm milk with turmeric mixed in it.

“This is an instant solution to treat constipation.”

Constipation: Treat yourself and feel relax

Another methods:

  1. Drinking a glass of orange juice daily is good for your bowel movement. Do not overloaded with it. It has disadvantages too. Do not forget to drink it using straw, as direct contact of orange and your tooth enamel is not beneficial. Read Why?

    Constipation: Green Vegetables
    Constipation: Green Vegetables
  2. Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are best. Add it in your daily routine.  Spinach (Palak) is high in fiber and helps in relieving constipation. How to prepare it? Wash and clean spinach and cut its root. Now put 2 spoon of oil in hot pan, and put 1 dry chili and half sliced onion in it. Now mix salt according to your taste and cover it for 4-5 minute. After 4-5 minute, stir it again cover it. Do this process 3-4 time and mash it. Now simple spinach vegetable (saag) is ready. Serve it with rice. It is delicious and healthy too.
  3. Do not depress yourself: Depression is one of the reasons which disrupt regular bowel movement. In simple sentence, Depression lead to constipation and constipation lead to depression. So avoid these two things.
  4. Papaya: It is a great food to cure this problem. Have it and see result. you will start to trust me.

Awareness message:

Following healthy lifestyle is required to treat any minor problems occurring in your life. Even if you don’t wake up on time, you will feel slight dizziness and heaviness in your mind. So, you must try these simple and affordable home remedies at your home. These are normal and easy methods. Along with these, do not forget to adopt healthy lifestyle and diet. You can write your experiences or opinions in comment box.

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