Clot Buster: The revolutionary technique to treat Brain stroke


Clot Buster: The revolutionary technique to treat Brain stroke

Clot Buster: Dear friends! The main motto of our website is to spread health awareness. We are not a medical institution. For any medical assistance, please visit doctor immediately. I request you to share this article in all over the world. Now the lets come on the topic. What is Clot buster? The name defines itself. It is something that breaks clots. Here clots refers to blood clots. Now may be you are curious about what exactly the work it does and how. Calm down! I am explaining one by one. Check next paragraph.


What is Brain stroke? No doubt that It is related to brain. Under this circumstance, the blood which flows to an area of brain get interrupted. It may be caused by clogged arteries (Ischemic stroke) or bursting of blood vessels (hemorrhagic stroke). Clogged arteries is the result of deposition of substance (cholesterol/fat) on the inner lining of arteries. The bursting of blood vessel or thrombolytic stroke happens due to the formation of blood clot in an artery. And the clot forms due to the deposition of plaque (cholesterol) in an arteries. The function of arteries is to supply blood to the brain. Hence, this interruption (Clots/plaque) reduces blood supply and can lead to brain stroke. Check next para for its revolutionary treatment.

Clot Buster: The revolutionary technique to treat Brain stroke

Procedure of clot buster: This revolutionary technique has capability to bring patients back to the normal position. Under this procedure, Thrombolytic therapy is administered to dissolve clots throughout the blood vessels.  Thrombolytic therapy is the injection of a medication that contains tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). The work of this activator is to attack and break up the blood clots carefully. The clot buster medication (tPA) is given into a vein, an artery or both alternatively- through needle.

Exact time to treat stroke using clot buster: The exact time to inject the drug medication is not defined. But neurologist/ trained physicians says that it should be given within 3 hour (very early) of first stroke.

Risk of clot buster: Research said that this clot buster technique could cause serious Bleeding problems in brain. So, Discuss about everything before starting of this procedure.

Another way to treat stroke: Surgery is another option to treat hemorrhagic stroke. Aspirin and anticoagulants are used to treat Ischemic stroke. You can check other home remedies to heal it or to cure it. Read here to prevent such strokes in future.

Clot Buster: The revolutionary technique to treat Brain stroke

Awareness Message:

Stroke is so sudden. That’s why, it is very important to have your blood pressure checked. Along with this, avoid alcohol, follow good diet and do regular exercise to control your cholesterol level in body. You can give your opinion in comment box.


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