Eosinophilia: Health Consultant- Cause, Treatments, Precautions Eosinophilia refers to a health condition resulting due to presence of excessive white blood cell in body tissues or blood. The main function of eosinophilia in our body is to protect against allergic responses, parasites & increase immunity. But increases in amount, causes disorders. So proper care is required to those […]

Eating biscuits every day is healthy or not: Health Consultant   Taste of biscuits is really awesome. It is pretty common as a breakfast staple. Uncontrollable eating of biscuits is in passion. It is little crumbly on the top but light fluffy and buttery on the bottom. You might have prepared it in a home couple of […]

Grapes Power: Amazing Health benefits, research, facts Dear Readers, as you all know that grapes juice is a very popular beverage. Everyone likes grape fruit and juice as well. It’s a food that fight with cancer. The popularity of grape juice has triggered me to write its advantages.  Have a look: Reduce risk of cancer: The American […]

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