Orange Juice: Advantages and disadvantages: Health Consultant


Orange Juice: Advantages and disadvantages: Health Consultant

Drinking orange juice is good for health. It’s a popular morning Beverage. It is refreshing and has nutritional values. However its overdose may affect you. Read this article to learn its advantages and disadvantages as well.
Health benefits of Orange Juice:

  1. Orange is a source of vitamin c. Vitamin c is a popular antioxidant which boost your immune system. It acts as an anti-aging diet, fight with free radicals to prevent early aging. Its antioxidant property prevent your face from sun damages, wrinkles, and other skin disorders.
  2. It has high fiber content which is good for bowel movement and controls the cholesterol level in body.
  3. It contains citric acid and it is good for kidney stones recovery or prevention.
  4. There should be proper supply of blood in all parts of the body to function it properly. And the work of orange juice is to enhance the blood circulation in whole part of body.
  5. It has high folate count. Folate count is necessary for the formation of new cell in body. Folate help to form new blood cell and similarly, folate content in orange juice do.
  6. Overall, Orange is good for your heart or cardiovascular disease. But proper intake is necessary as it has disadvantages too. Read below.

Disadvantages of overdosing Orange Juice:

  1. Tooth enamel affect: It is not good for your tooth enamel. Its acidity content in 7 to 8 glass is enough to lower the hardness of tooth by 85%. Do not worry because even after this, you can have orange juice using straw. You can also dilute (mix with water) juice to prevent destruction of your tooth.
  2. It reduces the cholesterol level in body. But do not forget that some fat is require to absorb certain vitamins and also provides energy after intense exercise. So proper intake is necessary.

Conclusion: Orange Juice: Advantages and disadvantages: Health Consultant

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